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Dog Photography with Country Shots

Steve has spent many years developing and refining his skill at capturing gun dogs working in the field and in field trials on behalf of the Kennel Club, various gundog clubs, breeders and trainers along with many private clients, and specialises in capturing your dog in action in the field - working hard for their handlers.

Steve is happy to travel to a location of your choice in the Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and West Midlands area, anywhere that you and your dogs are happiest to work.

Sessions will last between one and two hours, although we don`t "work to the clock"  and will spend time to ensure we get the shot we are after even if it takes a little while longer, during the session Steve will aim to capture a variety of images of your dog in action as well as some static portraits.

And its not just for gundogs Steve will photograph any breed, working or not, on the same basis.

And if,as likely as not, that your dog is part of the family then why not get them all involved too? Check out our "Walk on the Wild Side" sessions below.

Nothing says happy family and makes a great wall art lifetime memento than a happy family portrait surrounded by you faithful furry friends in the great British countryside!

If you would like Steve to photograph your faithful friend please do get in touch.

Wrencourt Intro To Field Trials Minor Breeds March 15-32

The Country Shots Photography Dog Photo Session is the core of the whole photography process and Steve aims to make the experience one where you and your dog have a fun filled, relaxed, and stress free time just enjoying the great outdoors whilst Steve goes about capturing those precious images for you and your family to cherish.

The session fees quoted below cover the actual shoot and extensive hand editing of the images in preparation for processing into the final selected artwork of your choice.

Before making your choice of photo session do please give consideration to your final requirements in respect of the artwork you intend to purchase, its display location within the home , the size and format of the final artwork along with the type and style of image you wish to achieve should all be thought about at the outset.

The session fee is just that it does not include prints, photo products or digital files unless otherwise stated.

Dog Photography Sessions

Head`s n` Tail`s Session

Wrencourt Cold Game Training Day 25th March-192

Our ever popular mini session is for single dogs only and lasts around an hour or so and is held on weekday mornings primarily, and can be at your home or any outdoor location of your choice within 25 miles of DY 12.

Although termed a "mini" shoot, 10 - 15 images, there`s certainly nothing small about the quality or the selection of fine portrait and action images capturing the character of you four legged friend.

It makes an ideal gift for the dog lover in your life (see Gift Vouchers) or if your just looking for a single piece of wall art and a few prints this is the shoot for you.

As an inclusive gift package the price will include a 12" x 8" mounted print of your choice or £50.00 credit against your choice of wall art product

£ 125.00 Investment

Meet on Location

60 minutes session time

Hand edited proofs available to view in your own private password protected online client gallery for 2 years, where you can purchase other prints, wall art or digital files at any time

A 12" x 8" mounted art print or £50 credit against a selection of Wall art products

One dog

Weekday only

The All Four Paws Session


This is the go to session for those wanting a truly bespoke photography experience for up to 2 dogs.

Sessions can be booked for any day of the week subject to other commitments and last around two hours and can be held at your home, a location of your choice within 45 miles of DY 12 or you could choose one of our exclusive private woodland or lakeside locations ensuring a wide choice of unique choice of stunning backdrops to create that dream composition.

I will shoot a range of poses, including head shots, sitting, standing and action shots against a choice of two/three backdrops and using a variety of angles to produce a final selection of 30 - 50 images, which will give you the choice of a range of bespoke dramatic wall art pieces or even your very own stylish hardback press printed Classic Coffee Table Book

£ 125.00 Investment

Meet on Location

120 minutes session time

40 + Hand edited proofs available to view in your own private password protected online client gallery for 2 years, where you can purchase other prints, wall art or digital files at any time

Two dogs


A Walk on the Wild Side Session


More than two dogs, want to include the kids and family, or maybe your just looking for the ultimate in variety of choice then look no further.

By combining a regular favourite local walk you, your dogs and your family will all feel more relaxed and at ease in familiar surroundings which all makes for a fun and stress free shoot, everything is like a normal walk in the park the only difference will be me stalking you with my long lenses from various positions along the way with the ever changing background along the way resulting in a great choice and style of images, both action shots and posed groupings can be catered for as we go.

The ultimate in terms of choice and variety the resulting 60+ images will make for a superb range of wall art products featuring just the dogs or the entire whole family or a fine top quality litho printed hardback family album to treasure the memories for a lifetime.

Also available at one of our exclusive private woodland or lakeside locations - ask for details.

£ 150.00 Investment

Meet on Location 120 minutes session time

60 + Hand edited proofs available to view in your own private password protected online client gallery for 2 years, where you can purchase other prints, wall art or digital files at any time

Up to 4 dogs

2 Adults

4 Children


The following Is Applicable to All The Above Sessions

Extra pets charged at £25.00 each

Rates apply to the stated mileages from DY 12 locations outside of these limits will incur an additional mileage fee of 45 p per mile

Images will only be available for viewing after hand editing and exclusively in your own password protected website file.

Most clients invest between £250 - £750 in their pet artwork

About Your Photo Shoot

Country Shots Photography - Professional pet photography utilise only the natural ambient light to creatively produce fine art portrait and action images of your pet in rural outdoor locations.

All you need to know about what to expect during a Country Shots Photography pet photo session and whats involved, how the process works and what happens afterwards is described in detail below

Things To Consider Before Booking A Session

I recommend that the very first thing you should do is decide on what your are hoping to achieve from the images of your pet that Steve creates, in terms of the final wall art, print or photo product.

Having considered your requirements and decided on the final goal and end use for the images its time for us to discuss your ideas and select the shoot package that will best suit you and your expectations.

At this point we can discuss and decide on various location options, run through a profile of your pet/s, run through the wide range and variety of your chosen wall art or display medium, and a timescale and preferred shoot dates.

I should point out that as a full time pet photographer I also cover many national and international dog and equestrian events which results in my weekend dates become something of a premium so are booked up well in advance and whilst I will be as flexible as possible when it comes to your preferred shooting date it just may not be possible to accommodate you on any given weekend due to other commitments.

Mid week dates are much more readily available so if you could accommodate a Monday - Thurs shoot I would humbly suggest that you give it some consideration so as to avoid disappointment.

Things To Consider Before The Shoot

Knowing your final choice of printed products or type of artwork well in advance along with any special requirement, or particular shots you would like to achieve, before the shoot is necessary as dependent on the time of day, weather or location there may well be some technical considerations for equipment settings or certain lighting issues which may need to be addressed in order to try and achieve the desired image - what may well work well in small format printing will not necessarily be suitable for producing larger pieces.

It also helps me considerably to know a few details about your dog/pet such as breed, colour, size, character, temperament and lifestyle to try and best match a location and style of shooting that will suit you and your dog.

Before a shoot you should consider whether your dog needs any grooming, particularly if fur covers the eyes as thats the most important feature in any portrait.

What Type of Shots Will I Take On The Day

I always try to shoot take a wide range of poses from a variety of angles in each situation including:

Portrait - choreographed head shots, quarter and full body shots, taking in interesting backgrounds and landscapes

Action - both candid, in the moment shots, and choreographed running shots freestyle and with toys/dummies/balls

Low Angle Perspective- Shooting with a wide angle lens from a very low angle for both action and stills

Close Up - details of feet, tail, eyes, ears and features from very close range

On The Day of the Shoot

Whilst I can, and frequently do, shoot in all weather conditions I recommend we try to avoid any heavy rain as it is not only miserable for us but it usually results in disheveled backgrounds and muddy foregrounds, and no one wants a whole set of soggy dog shots on their lounge wall.

So I always keep a daily watch on the weather and will advise you a day or so in advance if we need to consider re-scheduling.

Should it be necessary to call off the shoot I will do my best to give you the next, dry, available slot.

You should make sure your dog is happy and comfortable and bring some of his/hers absolute favourite toys.

I always carry a few balls and noise makers and treats myself, but that one object or toy your dog will do absolutely anything for may be invaluable.

Make sure you have fresh water and something for your dog to drink from

Don`t forget his lead and poo bags

We aim for every photo shoot to be a happy, pleasurable and stimulating experience for both dog and owners.

So please relax and enjoy the session at your own pace and you will find that your dog will also be more relaxed.

From time to time I may ask owners to help with getting the dogs attention, primarily during posed shots in order to get the dog to look in a certain direction.

For some specific portraits I may ask you to tether your dog in order to make the most of a particularly good setting or lighting opportunity.

I will remove any leads or tethers visible in shot from any final purchase prints in the post shoot editing process.

What Happens After the Shoot

After the photo shoot I will carefully go through each individual frame on a large colour calibrated screen to select only the best pin sharp images.

These will then be painstakingly edited by hand using state of the art digital editing software. It is at this stage unwanted items such as leads, mucky eyes, stray flecks of doggy saliva or the odd twig and branch which may be visible in frame are magically removed from view, any colour cast corrected and lighting anomalies balanced out.

It takes a minimum of 10 minutes, often longer, per frame to do this, so your full final gallery will not be ready for me to upload to the website, or for you to view until approximately 5 - 7 working days after your session.

Once edited all the images will be uploaded to my website where they will be given a secure password protected gallery which will be only view-able by you, please note at this stage the images will be appear watermarked but please be assured the watermark will not be visible on your final prints or wall art.

Ordering Your Wall Art or Photo Book

Whilst all your images can be purchased directly from the website in a selection of mediums including fine art prints or large wall art items such as canvas or acrylic displays also a wide selection of top quality framing options, photo albums and hardback photo books, desktop presentation items and gift-ware I am more than happy to offer advice and help in selecting the perfect item to display your favourite images.

I exclusively use one of the top professional photographic laboratories in the country for all my photo printed products so can guarantee the quality of the final product.

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